I’m falling for an eccentric musician named Claire

Björk at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April 2007 (Source: Wikipedia)

Björk at Coachella in April 2007 (Source: Wikipedia)

Better known as Grimes, Claire Boucher is an interesting artist.  She was born in Vancouver and spent time in Montreal attending McGill University.  It was there that she began producing some unique material.  I’m no hipster.  This type of music isn’t really my “thing”.  But wait… I’m beginning to think that it is!  I have respect for the girl for having a vision and really giving it her all.  It’s sometimes awkward but I have to admit, this girl gets an idea then doesn’t hold back.  Each video is quite different.  Judge it as you may but could you or I come up with the diversity that she does?  My older brother (one of the wisest people I’ve known) was always a huge Björk fan.  In some ways, Grimes reminds me of Björk for her strangeness and lack of caring what people think.  Not as mainstream as Lady Gaga but is it necessary for her to gain that level of popularity to deserve our attention?  I think not!  I’m also enjoying her Tumblr page… definitely falling for this girl.

Check it out:


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