News of Muse

Muse came to town!  Their first Canadian concert for this tour was in our city and so I dragged a friend along to enjoy the energy and talent of the threesome.  My friend claimed that she hadn’t heard any of their music before but as the concert went on, she realized she knew quite a few of the songs they played.  The dynamic stage featured progressive rows of giant television screens that collapsed upon each other to either form a pyramid towering from the stage up or a funnel coming down from above.  I loved watching it move and the changing graphics on the screens.  Their light show was interactive and electrifying as well.  So much fun!  And here’s some celeb gossip… I hear that Katy Perry is dating the drummer of Muse.  I hope it’s true, I would like that for her (enough of John Mayer already!  How does he get EVERY hot hollywood starlet and then crush their hearts one-by-one?).

Wikipedia puts Muse into many genres but I like “progressive rock” the best to describe their type of music.  My supposedly clueless friend’s favorite song was Resistance.  I loved their cover of Feeling Good (see the bottom of the page) and my favorite song of theirs is always the energetic Super Massive Black Hole (see video clips above). Although it’s hard to choose a favorite because Undisclosed Desires and Starlight were amazing to hear live as well.  To be honest, I enjoyed every song that they played.  They caught my attention and held it there.  Nice work, Muse.

More mini-clips:

Knights of Cydonia (with the TV’s arranged in the funnel shape)- 

Feeling Good (funnel shape TV’s)- 

Follow Me (terrible audio on my phone but you can see the lightshow)- 

Uprising (with the pyramid of TV’s)- 

And now for Feeling Good… enjoy!

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