What to wear to a concert

Things to consider:

Is the show outdoors or indoors?–  

  • For an outdoor show, you’ll of course need LAYERS.  High boots are a plus in case it rains and gets messy.  You’ll want to pack some hand sanitizer and tissues in case the port-a-potties get out of hand.  And since you’ll probably be walking more, make sure those high boots or sturdy runners are comfy!
  • For an indoor show, you have more flexibility.  If you have floor tickets to an open floor show, do NOT wear heels!  The crowd can quickly turn into a mosh pit and you’ll suffer in your stilettos that seemed like a good idea at home.  You’ll also want to minimize jewellery in this area- could be hazardous!  Moshing is an intense physical activity!  If you are sitting, you can wear your 4-inch heels and skirt.  However, if your seats are high up then I would avoid a skirt (do you want people taking a peek while you climb to infinity??) and heels.  Those stairs can be tricky to navigate to the higher sections and you also may be dealing with a lot of pushy, drunk people in the crowd.  Find shoes with grip preferably!  I have a default pair of high boots with low heel and grip that are perfect for the concerts where I’ll be higher up in the stadium.

Genre of music (crowd)– You may want to wear different styles of outfits depending on the band that you’re going to see.  Of course, there’s a huge difference between what you would wear to a hip hop concert vs. a symphony orchestra performance!  Some examples…

  • Source: fabsugar.com

    Source: fabsugar.com

    Rock:  Darker colors if you want to fit in.  A retro T-shirt with tight dark jeans will always work.  A fun idea is to cut the collar off a baggy old concert T-shirt and then pull the wide neck over one shoulder.  Silver jewellery, studded accessories, demin, black, grey and red are perfect starting points for your outfit.  Try some bold red lipstick or a super smokey eye look.

  • Hip hop / rap:  This would be where you can pull out the more risque items in your closet.  Sheer lace, more black, gold jewellery and accessories (think bling!), higher heels, sleek and shimmery.  You probably won’t do a lot of moving other than the stand-in-one-place hip shaking and fist pumping.  So tighter is fine.
  • Folk:  Think hipster, not hippie.  Hipsters wear vintage threads, faded denim and prints, small floral patterns, oversized hats and sunglasses, weaves and cotton.  Less faux and more functional.  A lot of folk festivals are all-day affairs so a crossbody bag is perfect in this situation plus it adds to the laid-back look.  High boots once again if this is an outdoor concert, preferably in tan if you have them.  I’m currently searching for funky military boots to wear to Coachella- I’d rather not have my feet trampled in flip flops!
  • For Rhi Rhi I wore deep purple jeggings, a sheer top with a sparkly bandeau, and gold-and-turquoise jewelry

    For Rhi Rhi I wore deep purple jeggings, a sheer top with a sparkly bandeau, and gold-and-turquoise jewelry

    Pop:  It really depends on the artist.  For the upcoming Rihanna concert, see what I wore in the picture here.  If you were going to see Katy Perry or Britney Spears, you would be among a younger female crowd and can dress a little more young and fun.  Jeans, dressy shorts with tights, belted dresses are all fun.  Look to the artist you’re going to watch for inspiration and then tone it down a notch, you’re going to watch and not perform!

  • Mellow: Something low-key is better.  For example, to Muse and James Blunt I wore jeans with high boots and a casual top.  I brought a jacket since I knew that I wouldn’t be moving fast at these shows.  And a funky scarf with matching accessories to dress it up.
  • Electronic Dance Music:  Depends if this is a full-on rave or just a show by an EDM DJ.  For a rave, almost anything goes but make sure that you’re comfortable because you will DANCE!  Flat shoes, pants that don’t fit too tight (or a skirt with tights), a breathable top.  If you’re attending a shorter show, the same rules apply but you can go a little more stylish.  To Tiesto, I wore high boots with no heel, jeans, and a baggy tank layered over a tube top.  I saw everything from fur boots to flashing lights to bikinis to full-on costumes.  You can really go creative to an EDM show but make sure that those boots are made for jumping.  ‘Cause that’s just what they’ll do.
  • Country:  Aim for a prettier look in florals, leather, denim, flowy dreses and wavy hair.  Keep the makeup simple and fresh.

Safe bets- black and leather with high boots will almost always work!  But have a little fun with your outfit.  There’s nothing serious about a concert!

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