Adventures of a Calgarian

A good friend of mine from Calgary (Alberta, Canada) is currently on a month-long trip of Trinidad and neighbouring areas.  He is a fantastic writer and had an amazing travel blog with his ex-fiance, journaling their months-long trip around Africa in 2010.  Their blog was so captivating that I read the entire HUGE thing in about a week, staying up late to join them on their adventures from the World Cup in South Africa to safaris to scuba diving to crazy stories in East Africa, and all the things they learned along the way.  Unfortunately the blog has been taken down now but he’s going to recount his current trip stories via this blog as he goes.  I can’t wait!

Here is the itinerary that he’s hoping to accomplish (he just left a few days ago)-

  • Day 1- Calgary to Houston
  • Day 2- Houston –> Bogota –> Panama City –> Port of Spain
  • Day 3- “Panorama”: world’s largest steel drum competition
  • Day 4- Dimanche Gras: Calypso King and Queen
  • Day 5- J’Ouvert, A.K.A. “dirty mas”
  • Day 6- Carnival Tuesday, A.K.A “bikini mas”
  • Day 7- Sleep
  • Day 8- Port of Spain –> Georgetown
  • Day 9- Demerasa Distillery Tour
  • Day 10- Iwokrama rainforest: hike to rainforest plateau
  • Day 11- Iwokrama canopy walkway: jaguar tracking
  • Day 12- Rupununi savannah: giant termite moulds
  • Day 13- Rupununi River: searching for alligators
  • Day 14- Karanambu: anteater tracking
  • Day 15- Karanambu: giant river otters
  • Day 16- Kaieteur Falls: world’s tallest single drop waterfall
  • Day 17- Mashramai, A.K.A. Guyanese Carnival
  • Day 18- Georgetown –> Port of Spain
  • Day 19- Port of Spain –> Tobago
  • Day 20- Scuba diving: hammerhead sharks
  • Day 21- Scuba diving: world’s largest brain coral
  • Day 22- Tobago –> Port of Spain
  • Day 23 and 24- Limin’ with friends
  • Day 25- Port of Spain –> Houston –> Calgary
  • Day 26- Return to reality

I hope that I transcribed it correctly.  He sent the itinerary as a picture of his writing on a whiteboard and he has tiny engineer writing.  Well he will undoubtedly be more than happy to correct me if I made any mistakes!  Look forward to his posts!

He hopes to live out this video during his trip- 

Some “Trini vybz”- 

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