What are they eating in Paris

Macaron, Hungary.

Macaron, Hungary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Macarons sold at La Grande Epicerie shop in Pa...

Macarons sold at La Grande Epicerie shop in Paris, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Macarons!  Colorful, sweet, fluffy… the bright colors will catch your attention and the imaginative flavors (lavender, salted caramel, pistachio, rose, lemon, and raspberry… to name a few) will tempt you to try them all.

This past weekend I brought my favorite travel buddy some for her birthday when I went to visit her in Calgary.  I dragged two of my little cousins (ages 3 and 14) to the Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton with me to pick up a box of 18.  I bought them one little bite-sized macaron each to sample and I decided to indulge as well.  Mmmmmm- it took me right back to lovely Paris.  I remember falling in love in the city of romance.  But my affections were all directed toward these edible, delectable little pillows of happiness.  The first ones we tried on our trip were outside of Paris and I was initially not impressed.  Then we found them in the little shop right in Versailles!  How fancy!  Then I tasted them again at a little cafe in the tourist shopping area of Paris… how urban and delicious at the same time!  Then we found them at the airport in convenient to-go boxes for traveling.  How clever!  I saw these little buggers in the Paris airport magazine (as real cushions in a home decorating article), I’ve seen them showing up in bakeries, and now here they are, with an entire feature in my blog!  Well, they deserve it.  Find them and eat them.  Then you’ll see what all the Parisians are obsessing over.

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