I choo choo CHOOSE you!

Pickwick // SoundOnTheSound Video

Pickwick // SoundOnTheSound Video (Photo credit: eleanor lonardo)

I’ve found a new band to follow, promote, discuss, and generally fawn over.  My pick is Pickwick.  I watched their performance last night (with the opener, Jordan Klassen, who was also fantastic) at a converted old movie theatre in north Edmonton.  The crowd was small and pretty mixed.  I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never listened to any of their songs before.

So these 6 guys from Seattle earned my loyal fan-dom.  My friends and I (3 of us that were invited had never heard of them before) were all surprised by the performance.  The lead singer has a lot of intensity and charisma onstage…. his powerful voice paired with the energizing music from the band held our attention the entire show!

Here’s how it went down- as Jordan Klassen and his group were about to perform their last song, they told us to enjoy Pickwick because “they will blow your minds”.  Then after some setup and sound checks, Pickwick comes on and makes some small talk with the audience then starts in to the first high energy song.  The lead singer was passionate but he didn’t lose his focus.  He didn’t feel the need to smash or kick anything (although he accidentally broke a piece of his tambourine by hitting it too hard) and the lyrics were clear and backed by perfectly matched music.  We were all in a bit of a trance I think.  I described their sound to a co-worker today as soulful rock, as if it came out of Mississippi or Louisiana.  I don’t know a better categorization but check out the videos below and clips on their website to judge for yourself.

And like any proper fan of an all-male band, I felt obligated to choose a band member to crush on. While I was waiting for the last two remaining members to come out from the backroom and autograph my Pickwick CD and t-shirt (yup, frugal me bought both!), I chatted with Alex the drummer. He was friendly and easy to talk to. He had facial hair. He was kind of funny and genuinely interested in what I was saying. SOLD! Alex in the ugly t-shirt is my new band crush! I knew he was wearing that wolf-howling-at-the-moon-faded-to-sadness t-shirt to be ironic… but it was still ugly. Well it obviously worked on me! What does that say about me? I guess I’m into hipsters now.



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