Climbing Kilimanjaro

Day 0: Played barefoot soccer with children at the orphanage. Blistered the bottom of my foot badly. Hobbling around.

Day 1: Got stuck driving to the starting point. Lost the front grill of a Land Rover, a tire and a few hours, but made it to camp happy and healthy. Foot feels better.

Day 2: Hiked through rainforest, sparse woodland and moorland.

Day 3: Climbed to 4000 meters. Starting to feel the effects.

Day 4: Maintained elevation but may be coming down with a cold. Thoughts of not summiting enter my head for the first time since the beginning of the climb.

Day 5: Scaled the Barranco Wall – a 500 meter near-vertical face. It’s the first time I’ve had to use my hands to pull myself up on the mountain.

Day 6: A short and warm walk to the last camp before summit. Too good to be true, but dizziness associated with altitude is kicking in.

Day 7: SUMMIT!! Danced my way to Uhuru peak to the sounds of “Waka Waka”. Great weather and great day!

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